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Well I started my Bachelor of Business (Accounting) last Monday... my second go around at university since abandoning my Bachelor of Science (Maths & Stats, Computer Science) having lost interest in the Computer Science section of the course and no idea what to replace it with.

I'm very anxious though... worried I might not be able to keep up with all the reading needed, especially when I appearantly still have to do Work for the Dole (WftD) until Centrelink approves my Youth Allowance claim and gets rid of my current Newstart Allowance status and it's related activites (that being WftD). Now I was getting rather into the WftD activity having been working there for about 7 weeks now, but I started it believing that as soon as my FULL TIME study started, that I could end the activity and only worry about my BBus(Acc)... however no... it seems that is not the case. Hence the weekend before my study started I made a claim for Youth Allowance and am waiting for it to override my Newstart to be 100% certain I have no cocerns any requirements required to do WftD.

So now I'm concerned and stressed as Centrelink doesn't show anything to say how long I'll be waiting for my claim to settle, meaning technically I still have to go to WftD which is a big inconvinence as I need as much time as possible for my study- so don't want to go to WftD (and feel I shouldn't need to) but feel I have to, in fear of lossing welfare money which means losing bill money which I need desperately after spending a lot for my textbooks!

I'm having a really rocky start to this and I'm on my edge... I hope I get just get past this, refocus on purely getting through this study and none of this confusing Centrelink/JSA/WftD bullshit.

However I dread that I'm still going to be considered a job seeker (Newstart Allowance), rather than a student (Youth Allowance) for another week... possibly two... which I fear will really fuck with my study focus. GAHHH, why does the claim process have to take so long?
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I'm starting to get settled in my new address, and happy to be away from living with a family member. It always gets a bit complicated when the rest of the family starts picking on the family member your staying with about the mess and then you have hear the aftermath.

But I don't need to worry about that any more, I have more freedom and no restriction on having visitors or what I do with them.

This is going to be a joyful new beginning in my life!
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I just had a strange moment of sudden emotional sadness about 45 minutes ago...
I left my room to check the mail and then grabbed the left over bottle of coke walked back into my room and then sat on the edge of my bed moments later, opened the coke bottle and then-
out of no where-
I suddenly have an emotional sadness well up and I started crying/tearing up.
I can't even explain to myself the sudden crying- but I only just settled a down a few minutes ago.
About 25-30 minutes of unknown emotion has erupted out of me, and I don't know why... I don't know what this means.
This confuses and worries me.

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Yay, birthday time for me!! Sadly not doing much :(
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I'm so happy, last night I managed to actually finish a drawing, and it's not prefect, but I'm happy with the result!
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... it was a fun one!
was out in the city pretty much the entire Friday, a game of bowling, internet-ing at Melbourne library, then much later drinking (I drank apple cider) and then the fun of watching a friend randomly start conversations with like 5 people.. mind you all were coming from having just been at the rest rooms xD
Then Saturday, some close family friends had a 18th and 21st birthday celebration, and of course, more drinking there! Sunday... it was a dull one, until I decided I wanted to try and do some art for once.. so I got my 'roo plush out, as I was having troubles starting, and posed it in a 'mid hop' type position:
Having wasted like 2 hours (somehow, oh yeah I had pizza and was also chatting on IRC for drawing suggestions) on the posing of the "model" I sketched for like an hour and my progress is rather slow... That's right.... in an hour I merely got the tail and a leg done >.> I was being, umm, nit picky with my work and hence was very slow.
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My bright blue and green colouration, well it's just dye over my fur!
So right now I'm going to reveal my true Eastern Grey Kangaroo colouration!
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I'm current 'stuck' in a near nocturnal cycle at the moment... I probably should take measures to change that.

At least can say I'm more like a roo, having a similar day-to-day cycle >.>
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